The Zaibatsu is:

We make stuff.

The Zaibatsu was founded with a single goal in mind… to profit by enriching the lives of others. It is the core truth of capitalism that if you can provide the ability to live a more enjoyable, productive and fulfilling life your customers will in turn provide you with benefits, economic and otherwise. This exchange we embrace wholeheartedly.

Awesome Stuff.

The lines are blurring between all the areas of your life. Some of the objects you interact with are no longer separate from the information that surrounds you… but they need to get a lot smarter.

The things we make will allow the things in you life anticipate your needs, help you stay in touch and allow you to focus more of your time on the things you want to build.


3D Printing a housing for a robot that can interact with your social network? We did that over the weekend, think of something harder. Constantly update the rules it uses based on your corrections driven by an AI learning engine in the cloud? Yup.

It isn’t enough any more to work with only software or only hardware. Things get really interesting when you start crossing the boarders and blurring the lines.


Enriching lives is as much about the information you can pass on as it is the artifacts you create. As we create for ourselves and our partners we are constantly learning, and we intend to share that with anyone who is interested.

We have a series of tutorials, blogs and videos in the works that will help other innovators build on what we learn. There is plenty to get done, and plenty of room for every innovator we can help bring into the marketplace.


Not every great idea will be dreamed up inside the Zaibatsu, but we are happy to help bring them to life. Collectively we have decades of experience in every area that might be needed.

Reach out, see how we can work together.

Stay Tuned.

We have a lot in store, and you won’t want to miss any of it.